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Fashion Simple Cotton Twill Princess Cooking Apron

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Jegf your hostess is a happy homemaker, she may regularly don an apron. Give your hostess a new clothing cover to use by buying her a snazzy new Hostess Apron. Designed with ruffle and square neck, this Cooking Apron will living up your day with a quick smile.This Hostess Apron is made of high quality cotton twill material. Cooking Apronsoft wears comfortable for long time. A necessity if you don't want to get food and grease stains on your clothes. One size fits most with adjustable neck and front pocket. Cooking Apron as a new apron will be the subtle hint necessary for a home - cooked meal.Sized just right for any home chef, the Kitchen Apron features long waist straps that comfortably adjust. So what are you waiting for?
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Retur Politikker
  • Specifikationer:

    • This Kitchen Apron is a practical and smart-looking apron, ideal for work
    • Store og funktionel gave ide til din kæreste eller mor
    • Slips i hals og talje for nem justering
    • En nødvendighed, hvis du ikke ønsker at få mad og fedtpletter på tøjet
    • Hostess Apron certainly a great gift for your special one or yourself
    • Hostess Apron is perfect for the home entertainer or adventurous gourmet
    • Materiale: Cotton Twill


    Wemsdo Fashion Simple Cotton Twill Princess Cooking Apron

    • Letvægts, maskinvaskbar
    • Stilfuld og flirtende mode værtinde forklæde, der passer stramt og smigrer figuren

    Værtinde Apron

    • Designed with ruffle and square neck, this Cooking Apron will living up your day with a quick smile

     Madlavning forklæde
    Kitchen Apro

    • Lavet af høj kvalitet materiale, blødt at røre ved og komfortabel for lang tid iført


    Størrelse (cm)










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    Pakken indeholdt:

    • 1 x Forklæde

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(8 anmeldelser)

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00:00:00 05-17-2011 LOVE THESE APRONS Samlet:  
  • Andre tanker: I have many aprons from dinodirect. You will never get a complaint from me .. each and every apron I just adore and really feel "CLEAN" when I wear them .. I LOVE THESE APRONS!

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00:00:00 05-12-2011 This hostess apron is stylish Samlet:  
  • Andre tanker: This hostess apron is stylish, cute and great for general cooking. If you having a tendancy to spill on yourself or do a lot of heavy duty cooking, an industrial weight fabric would be better.

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Købt dette punkt på

00:00:00 04-21-2011 Vi alle elsker dem Samlet:  
  • Andre tanker: Jeg var ikke forventer dette værtinde forklæde til at være en kraftig professionel værtinde forklæde, det er sød og beregnet til at gøre dig se og føle søde, mens madlavning.Jeg har et par venner, der har disse også, i forskellige mønstre forklæder.Vi alle elsker dem.

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00:00:00 04-12-2011 try this apron Samlet:  
  • Andre tanker: If you are looking for the heavier duty fabrics, to keep off major spills, perhaps you might try the kitchen apron at That fabric is nice. For me, this apron was well worth it and I am buying another in a different pattern and one for a friend!

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00:00:00 04-07-2011 easy to wash Samlet:  
  • Andre tanker: The oil stain removes easily for washing (machine wash cold, tumble dry low), and the wide straps are easy to tie.

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Købt dette punkt på

00:00:00 03-25-2011 godt materiale Samlet:  
  • Andre tanker: I got cooking apron this for my special someone, and she looks good wearing it. The material is silk corduroy, and not particularly soft, but the purpose of the apron is to keep your clothes clean while you prepare dinner.

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00:00:00 03-15-2011 billige Samlet:  
  • Andre tanker: It's practical and fun; definitely better than the cheap, commercial aprons available elsewhere.

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00:00:00 03-10-2011 god Samlet:  
  • Andre tanker: This Kitchen Apron is adorable, nicely made, and the fabric is similar to a light/medium weight material. This apron does all it was meant to - it makes you feel almost as cute as it is and it will keep off flour dust tings and spatters.

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