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Home Security Super Power Telephone Auto-dialing Engineering Alarm System INS-HAS05

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Do you want to protect your home from stealing? This Home Security Super Power Telephone Auto-dialing Alarm SystemEngineering Alarm System is telephone on line security alarm host with keyboard, LCD display, voice hinting. It has 100 wireless zone and 16 wired zone, can connect with wireless remote control, wired(wireless) detector, wired(wireless) door sensor, hand-press switch, smoke and fire sensor, IR Intruder beam detector, and anti-theft, anti-fire, anti-gas leakage, etc. The main Engineering Alarm System can store 6 group alarm telephone number(such as 911, cell phone number, telephone number, bleep number, etc), if alarm, the host will make the siren work and sounds beep, at the same time, Home Security Alarm System dials to telephone number cycle user stored, and pass the alarm situation to related person timely and exactly, or give an alarm to 911 directly.Auto Dialing Engineering System can use in house, business place, financial system, organs enterprise.
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Retur Politikker
  • Specifikationer:

    • The Engineering Alarm System with keyboard and LCD display, it is convenient to operate the host program
    • The Engineering Alarm System with intelligent voice features
    • The Engineering Alarm System with 16 wired zone and 100 wireless zone, wired and wireless use the same zone number
    • With outstanding password, engine password, user password monitor, convenient to user operation and engine monitor
    • Connected with Contact ID
    • Home Security Alarm System can store 6 group telephone number
    • With the function which can get the first line when alarm and send the alarm system out
    • When the telephone line is cut or short circuit, it will alarm
    • Auto Dialing Engineering System can dial the telephone number contact with the host through remote phone and cell phone, used in long distance monitor, arm, disarm and field alarm
    • Wireless detector and remote control are automatic code
      16 wired zone can be set arbitrary as: N.C, N.0, end line resistance, in order to connect with any wired detector
    • It can set up 2 group regular time, auto arm and disarm to different zone
    • It can set freely alarm delay time(00-99second) and arm delay time(0000-0255second)
      Checking arm, disarm, alarm issue, etc
    • The host adopts AC 220v, DC 12V/7AH dual power supply. Usually, recharge for battery, when AC power cut, it will auto-charge into battery supply.(it can be able to work more than 24-hour standby). When the battery is lower, it will alarm, the discharge limit protection circuit design, so as to avoid damage due to discharge the battery

    Main Technique Target

    • Spænding: AC 220+/-15%V
    • Batteri: 12V/7Ah
    • AUX Otput Crrent: <750mA
    • Siren Otput Crrent: <2A
    • Wireless Frequency: it is 3-5Km(on the open air) between the host and detector
    • Frekvens: 315


    Harxsh Home Security Super Power Telefon Auto-opkald Engineering Alarm System INS-HAS05

    • Home Security Super Power Telephone Auto-dialing Engineering Alarm System

    Engineering Alarm System

    • if alarm, the host will make the siren work and sounds beep, at the same time, Home Security Alarm System dials to telephone number cycle user stored, and pass the alarm situation to related person timely and exactly, or give an alarm to 911 directly

    Home Security Alarm System

    • The main Engineering Alarm System can store 6 group alarm telephone number(such as 911, cell phone number, telephone number, bleep number, etc)

    Størrelse i Detail:

    Auto Dialing Engineering Syste

    Pakken indeholdt:

    • 1 x Home Security Inteligent Auto-dialing Wireless Alarm
    • 2 x The Key of Chassis
    • 1 x antenne
    • 1 x Power Line
    • 1 x Telefon Linie

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00:00:00 05-25-2011 Great for the Price Samlet:  
  • Andre tanker: I have owned this for about 2 years now. For the price you cant find anything better. It works, it does what it is supposed to do and it dials fine without any problem. Set up could be a little confusing but dont give up, it does work and once you get it working youll be very happy with it.

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00:00:00 03-24-2011 amazing Samlet:  
  • Andre tanker: Worth the money considering it calls up to three numbers when the alarm sounds...

Problemer med denne anmeldelse?

J. Melle

Købt dette punkt på

00:00:00 03-23-2011 Very good alarm Samlet:  
  • Andre tanker: This system works great. I wish the company had a website that posted instructions and support, but the included directions were good.

Problemer med denne anmeldelse?

Roger N. Bryan

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00:00:00 02-09-2011 Can't Beat It for the Price Samlet:  
  • Andre tanker: For the price you get a lot -- a sensitive motion detector AND an autodialer with a recorded message. The unit is easy to set up and install. I use it to protect an unattended room full of video surveillance equipment. Just be sure the motion detector can't "see" movement outside through a window.

Problemer med denne anmeldelse?

M. Arnold

Købt dette punkt på

00:00:00 10-27-2010 Auto Dialer Motion Alarm Samlet:  
  • Andre tanker: the alarm works great, but takes a few seconds to trigger & dial your set phone number (cell phone). i find that the 6 seconds recording time is too short, so you have to speak fast and loud. another drawback might be the sound level of the recording is very low (after trying several distances and voice levels from the unit - with no change in the results)

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Købt dette punkt på

00:00:00 08-18-2010 Great post Samlet:  
  • Andre tanker: I will be ordering more for the house...remember, you must have a house phone link in order for it to call you, and, it needs to be near the location you wish to place it in, otherwise you will have to run phone cord extensions all over the house.

Problemer med denne anmeldelse?

K. Cook

Købt dette punkt på

00:00:00 06-08-2010 Fungerer som annonceret Samlet:  
  • Andre tanker: Exactly as advertised! I had to fiddle with mine a bit as the batteries did not seem to be making proper contact, however, once I resolved that little issue, it works great

Problemer med denne anmeldelse?

O. Medeiros

Købt dette punkt på

00:00:00 04-13-2010 Ok for the price but Samlet:  
  • Andre tanker: I was away one night and the alarm was set off. When I got home, not only were the Police at my house but this was triggered by low batteries rather than an actual intruder. This is why I think ac/adapter is best and have the battery as a backup.

Problemer med denne anmeldelse?

D. Schacher

Købt dette punkt på

00:00:00 03-10-2010 great little product with one possible flaw Samlet:  
  • Andre tanker: does what it says, and it's easy to use and install. <br/>the options are nice, such as "silent alarm" mode, which dials numbers, but doesn't sound the audible alarm. comes with the cable and splitter you'll need, which is also great. not sure how fast it will chew batteries, but the unit was inexpensive. i can buy rechargeables

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