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Accents Gemini Resin Base Lighting Music Water Globe

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Do you still remember childhood musical water globe bringing pleasure, fun or dream to you? The graceful musical water globe reminds all your sweet memories when the music plays. This is a great looking decorative figure. Shake it up a bit with this collectible musical globe! The beautiful Pisces has been set in this music crystal globe. The perfect gift for your friend or get one for yourself to display in your home, office or game room. This is a great looking snow globe ornament. Shake it up a bit with this music snow globe! The beautiful romantic lover's style has been set in this music snow globe. The perfect gift for your friend or get one for yourself to display in your home, office or game room. Love themed makes these water globes great gifts for your lover.
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  • Specifikationer:

    • You can put this musical water globe everywhere all according your personal preference, cars, bedroom, and so on
    • Wring the clockwork under the base, a melodious music will be played to make you happy
    • It reminds all your sweet memories when the music plays
    • The musical globe can be lighted red, blue, green and transition color purple when alternate color changed
    • It is an excellent gift
    • When music playing, the gemini in the globe will rotate
    • Plays the tune "Castle In The Sky"
    • Base Materiale:Resin
    • Globe Materiale:Glas
    • Strøm: 3 x Knap batterier
    • Størrelse: 7 x 9.5cm/2.8 x 3.7in(Bottom Dia. x H)
    • Water Globe Diameter: 4.5cm/1.8in


    Accents Gemini Resin Base Lighting Music Water Globe

    • When music playing, the gemini in the globe will rotate

    Musical Water Globe

    • The coloring and expression make this Music Water Globe irresistible

    Musical Globe

    • It reminds all your sweet memories when the music plays

    Størrelse i Detail:

    Water Globe

    How to Send Water Globe Gifts:

    Because water globes come in so many different designs and themes, they can be good gifts for people with diverse tastes and interests. However, because good-quality water globes are made out of glass and other fragile materials, it can be difficult to pack a water globe securely to ship it to somebody as a gift. When you need to send a water globe gift, security is much more important than presentation because you want the water globe to arrive in one piece.

    • Purchase a new corrugated cardboard box that is large enough for the water globe to fit with at least 2 inches of space in every direction around it, including below. Although you can reuse an old box, a new box will be less likely to be damaged in transit.
    • Wrap the water globe in new bubble wrap with all of its bubbles intact, making sure to cover all parts of the water globe and base. Secure the bubble wrap with scotch tape.
    • Put at least 2 inches of heavy-duty packing peanuts into the bottom of the cardboard box.
    • Set the water globe into the box, upright. Although shipping services do not promise to maintain the orientation of the box as it ships, the side you put the address on will be most likely to be on top.
    • Fill the box with packing peanuts all around the water globe. The peanuts should be tightly packed into the box, although not so tight that they break.
    • Close the box. Before taping it shut, shake the box and listen to see if you hear the contents moving. Then open the box and see if the water globe is positioned where you had placed it. If needed, add more packing peanuts.
    • Tape the box closed with packaging tape.
    • Write "FRAGILE" on all sides of the box. This will let the carrier know to handle the box with care.
    • Write the destination address on the top of the box.
    • Take the box to your preferred shipping carrier. If the water globe is valuable, ask about insuring the package for the value of the item.

    How to Fix a Musical Water Globe:

    Many people own a musical water globe at some point in their life. Some people collect them, while others may have received one as a gift or purchased one on vacation. Unfortunately, these beautifully crafted works of art do not last forever and are prone to damage. Most people throw away the water globe when it becomes damaged or the music stops working. You can easily repair these problems with just a few steps, restoring the water globe to its former condition.

    • Salvage any usable parts of the broken water globe such as the figurine, the snow or the base. Allow snow to dry. Clean the figurine with water. Determine if the figurine needs to be remounted on a new rubber gasket; if so, use the underwater glue and adhere the figurine to the middle of the new rubber gasket.
    • Place musical movement onto the pre-drilled base plate and fasten with small screws. Fit the base plate into the bottom of the wood base and secure with small screws. Wind the musical movement to ensure it is in working order.
    • Check to see if the glue has dried on the figurine and rubber gasket. Insert the rubber gasket into the top of the wood base carefully. Adjust placement if needed.
    • Take the egg crate foam and trace the pattern of the top of the glass globe. Cut out the pattern with scissors to create a nesting place for the glass globe to rest. Make sure the glass globe will be well supported in the egg foam. Remove the glass globe from the egg foam.
    • Fill the glass globe with distilled water. Remove 3 tablespoons of the water to make room for the snow. Add 2 teaspoons of glycerin to the distilled water and mix thoroughly. Pour snow into the glass globe.
    • Rim the glass globe with the underwater glue, laying down a thick line to seal the glass globe to the wood base. Place the wood base gently onto the inverted glass globe. Set aside in the egg crate foam to allow the glass globe to dry on the wood base.

    Pakken indeholdt:

    • 1 x Accents Gemini Resin Base Lighting Music Water Globe

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00:00:00 12-10-2010 fremragende produkt Samlet:  
  • Andre tanker: I ordered this kit for my daughter, It came out just lovely, and was quite easy all in all. She had a great time. Great price, great product!

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Cristina R. Andres

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00:00:00 09-30-2010 fantastisk Samlet:  
  • Andre tanker: This product is awesome! The music box sound is amazing and the loudest compared to all my water globe!

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K. Fitzgerald

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00:00:00 09-29-2010 beautiful water globe Samlet:  
  • Andre tanker: If you are a fan of waterballs (snowglobes, etc.) as I am and if you have ever listened to or even seen Mannheim Steamroller in concert then you will love this waterball. It is the castle they use in their concerts and the bottom once you wind it up has the steamrollers moving to some original Mannheim Christmas music. It was well worth the purchase!

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00:00:00 08-10-2010 Godt Samlet:  
  • Andre tanker: When I received this product, everything is to go perfectly from the awesome reviews I read.

Problemer med denne anmeldelse?

Heather LaRee

Købt dette punkt på

00:00:00 05-19-2010 Great challenge, fun frustration Samlet:  
  • Andre tanker: This is so fun to share, engage a kid who is bored with adult conversations, and fun to watch another become so determined and frustrated. This is also a fun gift for a teen with a golf interest!

Problemer med denne anmeldelse?

C. Cornell

Købt dette punkt på

00:00:00 01-14-2010 Great Office Toy Samlet:  
  • Andre tanker: Received this toy from a vendor. I placed it in my office where multiple people could try it and no one could get it initially. It took one very determined individual to finally accomplish. Once he did, others had confidence that it could be done and they too eventually were able to get the ball to stay on the tee. Very interesting and fun way to evaluate people in the work environment and how they attack a problem. It is a good distraction to the everyday issues that come up in the "real world".

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00:00:00 12-09-2009 Lige hvad jeg ledte efter Samlet:  
  • Andre tanker: My 3 year old daughter expressed much interest in having a jewelry/music box. I didn't want to spend a fortune and my biggest concern was that she would just break it. I found and bought this one as a Christmas present last year.

Problemer med denne anmeldelse?

Sean Rivard

Købt dette punkt på

00:00:00 11-11-2009 god Samlet:  
  • Andre tanker: I bought this music box as a gift for a little girls 4th birthday. I was pleased with the quality of it and she loved it!

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